General Information on own App Projects

In 2004 after 20 years computer experience with DOS / Windows PCs I switched to an Apple iMac G5 with OS X 10.4 Tiger. After 9 years as an user on Mac OS X, I had the opportunity to be one year in a software company as an app developer working in 2011. In addition to the handling of customer projects, I developed my first Mac OS App Holdem Signs. Early 2015 with a few detours my Self-Reliance started with developing mainly own apps and their distribution worldwide via the Apple app stores. What apps these are and what they are doing is described in the following sections. All apps have been developed with the Xcode development environment and the programming language Objective C. Some have a common functional C++ core. The following tools and processes are used for all projects. Redmine as Project Management. Scrum as an agile Software Development Process and Git as Version Management.


Selfy Plus

(Universal, for iPhone und iPad)

Make Selfies and combine both camera images …

You want to make a Selfy along with what is in front of you, then this app is the right choice for you. You can position the iSight and the FaceTime camera pictures in any location.

Try taking pictures in the light version with advertising, before you switch to the full version. Both apps are so-called universal apps designed for the iPhone and iPad.

Selfy Plus Free

Holdem Signs Pocket

(for iPhone)

If you want to learn the popular poker variation Hold'em, or to know in any game situation what your Odds are, then this app is the right thing. Signs means, that the app gives you a recommendation if you should better fold (red), check (yellow) or bet, raise (green). The cards dealt and the number of players is in that recommendation included. The app is not a poker game. It is a poker odds calculator. So you have to enter all the informations of the current game (dealt cards, number of players, etc.) before the app can give you a recommendation. Try the app in the light version.


My last cigarette Timer

(for iPhone und Apple Watch)

Selfy Plus Free

You want to quit smoking and can’t keep motivated enough to do this? This popular app supports you. There are many apps with similar function on the market. This however gives you not only information on duration of quitting smoking, money saved up, not absorbed poisons and your health status after time, but it also gives you alternatives to smoking, where under habitually cigarettes and withdrawal symptoms is distinguished. All information and assistance are based on sources of the world's largest health care organizations, which links to the topic of non-smoking in the app are integrated.


Holdem Signs

(for macOS)

This app is designed for beginners as well as professionals, who play Texas Hold'em. It has a significantly enhanced range of functions compared to the iOS apps. The app displays outs, calculates real odds and not just randomly dealt cards, resulting in more accurate recommendations. The positions at the table are taken into account. Starting hands are evaluated with the Hutchison point system and 8 categories. It calculates up to what limit you should bet or call. Pot odds are integrated and incorporated into the game recommendation.


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